Dictionary of the social doctrine of the Church. The ‘new things’ of the XXI century

Call for proposals

The Dictionary of the social doctrine of the Church. The ‘new things’ of the XXI century is the open access quarterly Journal of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Centre of the social doctrine of the Church: www.dizionariodottrinasociale.it

This Journal is meant to be a user-friendly tool for learning, understanding, orienting action and policy around the ‘new things’ of our times in the light of Christian tradition, for the safeguarding of human dignity and the promotion of the common good.

Catholic social doctrine speaks of itself as “knowledge illuminated by faith, in friendly dialogue with all branches of knowledge”. This Dictionary is meant to deeply engage in this dialogue, addressing the challenges of the “change of epoch” we live through. The social doctrine of the Church is a tree with deep roots. A living tree, because tradition is not a collection of dead things, but the process of passing on to each other the treasure that links us to our roots. We wish to contribute to this tradition by taking care of the new branches of the tree.

This Call for proposals is open to experts in different disciplines affiliated with Universities of the SACRU network. They will address specific issues within the twelve broad areas summarized in the “leaves” of the tree (Environment, Poverty and inequality, Integral human development, Rethinking relationships, Peace and coexistence, Policies and institutions, Science and Technology, The future of work, Economics and Finance, Business, Media, Globalization). Contributions are expected to offer a qualified perspective on the dialogue between research and the Church’s teachings, in view of sharing their insights with the broad public. Moreover, by participating in this process, the Authors contribute to enhancing interdisciplinary research and dialogue within the SACRU network.
The Journal is open access and adopts a double-blind review system (editorial coordinator Simona Beretta, simona.beretta@unicatt.it). ISSN (digital): 2784-8884. Each contribution is identified by DOI. Contributions address, in a concise way, the challenges of the present times in the light of the Church’s social teaching. They can be written in Italian or in English; abstracts and keywords appear in both languages.

See Author Guidelines for detailed information.
We invite proposals indicating:

  • Author(s)
  • Title
  • Short abstract (around 500 characters)
  • Five keywords
  • Proposed submission deadline

Please send your proposal to the Editorial staff Marco Pedrazzini and Filippo Tocci dizionario.dottrinasociale@unicatt.it.


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