WG5: Best Science for a Nourished Planet



This interdisciplinary group is composed of professors and students in food engineering, food science, and biotechnology to address specific objectives:

1)   To study and analyze real-life problems associated with food products development.

2)   To identify and compare the current food safety regulations in each country.

3)   To assess the importance of food safety in the development of innovative food products.

4)   To create a space for students’ exchange.

To foster international cooperation between different Universities and Research Centers, the International Food Safety Working Group aims to discuss relevant issues in developing innovative food products and their food safety regulations.

The group’s activities will be focused on once-a-month lectures (online and following the flipped class methodology), guided by representatives of each University, and student group discussions. The lectures and discussion will focus on product development and general characteristics, risk assessment, hazard characterization, mitigation, and regulation compliance.

Students will attend the lectures, work on the assigned topic (in teams), and present results following a predetermined structure. Initial activities will focus on new food products from cultured laboratory meat.