WG1: Vulnerability and HealthCare



COVID-19 is an instigator that has not only caused substantial human losses, but has provoked us to rethink how our universities are conceiving research and teaching. Toward this end we considered five broad categories of research and teaching about the virus’ impact:

  1. Vulnerable populations at risk whether by region, by class, race, gender, etc.
  2. Science and Global Public Health
  3. Finance, economics and wellness
  4. Ethics and Humanities
  5. Teaching: Practices, research into those practices, and developing anticipatory designs for those emerging practices are the stuff of educational investigations today.

‍In February 2021, Working Group 1 has released the Concept Paper “Vulnerability in the Time of COVID-19″.

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The Group is now doing strategic reflection concerning the next step: analyzing Vulnerability beyond Covid-19. To this extent, it will address the broad context of healthcare, including public health, global health, and health policy.