UC Chile Global Research Program

The Global Research Program is an on-site/virtual international experience program that supports research and creative projects in UC Chile within the Global Internships for Research and Practice-Based Learning framework. The program aims to enhance and stimulate research collaboration at a global level, connecting UC Chile researchers with master’s and senior undergraduate international students within new, creative, and innovative international research opportunities.

In its second version, 15 projects are offered from different areas of knowledge such as biological sciences, chemistry, education, engineering, international relations, theatre, among others. Students in the senior year of their bachelor’s degree and master students are welcome to apply to the research opportunity of their choice until December 3rd. It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to submit the necessary information and documentation, which must include:

  • A statement of purpose
  • Updated CV or resume (One page)
  • Transcripts or records of the last academic period (non-official transcripts admitted)
  • English of Spanish proficiency tests, if required

You can find the information about dates and projects in these links:

Global Research, program information (dates and requirements), link

Research opportunities, link

Student application form, link

UC Chile will support students through and after the application process. Should you have any doubts about the program and research opportunities, you can contact:

Javiera Ballesteros, Special Programs and Internships Officer, javiera.ballesteros@uc.cl

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