Climate Crisis and Security

From the SACRU Series
“Integral Ecology and the Future of the Planet: interdisciplinary conversations”

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Date : November 23, 2022

Suva     7:00-8:30 p.m.
Tokyo   3:00-4:30 p.m.
Sydney 5:00-6:30 p.m.
Rome, Barcelona    7:00-8:30 a.m.
Lisbon   6:00-7:30 a.m.
Boston 1:00-2:30 a.m.
Santiago, Rio de Janeiro 3.00-4:30 a.m.

The changing climate pattern can no longer be understood as simply an environmental problem. It has now become clear that the climate crisis has consequences that inform the security agenda. Increasingly turbulent weather systems causing flooding, disease, famine and large-scale migration have disrupted established codes of conduct and are giving rise to major conflicts. The once narrow and independent question of national security must now give way to the larger issue of collective security in a

This webinar addresses the security implications posed by the climate crisis. Through open dialogue framed by key themes of vulnerability and solidarity, our expert panel explores how the climate crisis can be a stimulus to bring our world closer together rather than allowing it to drive us further apart.

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