WG1 - COVID-19

Responding through Research and Teaching to a Vulnerable World

COVID-19 is an instigator that has not only caused huge human losses, but it has provoked us to rethink how our universities are conceiving research and teaching. We see emerging shifts in greater inter- and trans-disciplinarity in our work to address new dimensions of human vulnerability and new effective responses. We need to foster these developments by studying the new emerging areas of research as well as the developing methods being employed therein and the developments in teaching both on the primary and secondary level as well as at the university. Toward this end we consider five broad categories of research and teaching about the virus’ impact. These areas of investigation are developing methods as they are being constructed. The five areas will last long after the virus is subdued: Vulnerable populations at risk whether by region, by class, race, gender, etc.; Science and Global Public Health; Finance, economics and wellness; Ethics and Humanities; Teaching: Practices, research into those practices, and developing anticipatory designs for those emerging practices are the stuff of educational investigations today.

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Catholic Identity and Laudato Si’: the Common Home and Social Justice

SACRU working group 2 is formed by 13 members from the seven different Universities. The group is called “Catholic Universities caring for all people in a Common Home”. As a network of Catholic Universities, which serves society in trying to solve challenges of these times, we expect to be trigger translating Catholic identity into reality. As so, the group would like to support integrating Catholicism as an integral part of teaching, research, and campus life of SACRU members. This interdisciplinary group came to life to integrate Laudato Si’ Principles in the heart of SACRU Universities through research, teaching, and service. Along with strengthening the Catholic Universities contribution to creating a better home for all. Three objectives are considered for the work of this group in the following couple of years: 1) Create evidence on how LS is integrated in our campus life, 2) Strengthen the role of our universities in research and public engagement- thus promoting LS principles outside the university, and 3) Establish a dialogue with secular universities.


Internationalization and the inter-university digital campus

The Internationalisation Working Group’s role is to support and advise the SACRU Executive on internationalisation and to report on key global issues in higher education. Specifically, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Working Group has responsibility for developing initiatives that enable active and ongoing student and staff collaboration between member institutions, with a focus on Higher Degree Research.